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Message: Microsoft Security helps protect people and data against cyberthreats to give you peace of mind. Includes products like Microsoft Defender, Endpoint Mobility + Security, Intune, and more.

Microsoft Security & Mobility Services

A comprehensive approach to security that’s end-to-end, best in breed and AI driven can help you be fearless.

Protect everything

Safeguard your entire organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions built to work across platforms and cloud environments.

Simplify the complex

Prioritize the right risks with unified management tools created to maximize the human expertise inside your company.

Catch what others miss

Leading AI, automation, and expertise help you detect threats quickly, respond effectively, and fortify your security posture.

Grow your future

With the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive security solution, you’re free to grow, create, and innovate your business.

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